3 of the Most Common Misconceptions I Encounter with a Visual Impairment (and tips to overcome them)

As human beings, we all have a set of assumptions or pre-conceived ideas about people, society or life in general. We’re human after all! However, there are times when these are harmful or misrepresent a person or a group of people. Having a visual impairment […]

Reflecting on my first month of Life in the Blurry Lane

Its been 32 days since we left Ireland to begin our adventure of a lifetime, 56 days since I started @lifeintheblurrylane on Instagram and 27 days since I launched this blog. Its been a journey, both a literal one as we tour France and a philosophical one as I explore and share more about me, my albinism and my experiences of accessibility while travelling. It therefore feels timely to reflect on the first month or so of documenting vanlife with a visual impairment.

He has white hair! Happy International Albinism Awareness Day!

Happy International Albinism Awareness Day! Since 2015, the United Nations has recognised this day as a global event, occurring on June 13th every year. This years theme is “United in making our voices heard” so this blog post and associated ramblings on Instagram will be how I’ll add my voice.