My collection of good and bad steps and accessibility practices has been growing for a while now, with one picture taken back in December 2021. I decided to put this together to show how much of an impact some simple changes can make to the accessibility of a place.

As you can see below, incredible differences can be made with small changes like a bigger sign or a painted edge on a step. Not only does it make them easier to see, it also sends a message that a business has thought about the variety of abilities that might walk through their door. By making an effort and some small changes, it really sends a message of “we have thought about you and you are welcome here”, which is really powerful.

It is simply joyous to find these examples because it makes me feel cared for, looked after and included. Not only that, it also makes me more likely to recommend and to return to these places. This has to be a business owners dream scenario!

In contrast you can see below how poor design can have a detrimental impact on the accessibility and enjoyment of a place. When doing something simple like going to the bathroom is made more difficult due to a design flaw, it taints the entire experience.

There is a huge variety of images and examples here and I’ll keep adding to this album as I find more. Hopefully it will inspire others to make some positive decisions about the design of their businesses and public areas. I have included the location and explanation for why these are good or bad examples under each picture.

If you have come across some good or bad examples and want them included here, please email me at

Good Steps

Bad Steps

Examples of Good Accessibilty Practices

Examples of Poor Accessibility Practices